[antlr-interest] Re: Problem with existence of the same literal in two rules

ramyasivadas ramyasivadas at yahoo.co.in
Mon May 5 21:31:42 PDT 2003

Thank you so much for your reply.
Thank you for the efforts you have taken to explain the solution in 
I'm trying out the solution.

But when i define the STRING as follows,
STRING : ('a'..'z' | 'A'..'Z') ('a'..'z' | 'A'..'Z'|INT)*
the grammar doesn't compile at all.I think it gets caught in an 
infinite loop somewhere. My lookahead is 20. Do i have to change that?

I also tried defining STRING as 
STRING : ('a'..'z' | 'A'..'Z') ('a'..'z' | 'A'..'Z'|INT)+
Even this gets into an infinite loop.

Can you please suggest me a solution for defining the string.

Thanks in advance.



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