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Boulanger Jean-Louis jean-louis.boulanger at hds.utc.fr
Wed May 7 11:59:19 PDT 2003


 I worked on an IDE (www.chez.com/abtools) for the B Language with (a parser, a
typer, a decompilator, a GOP, ...). In another project, we want parse some VHDL
program and generate B code.

 My first idea, is from the AST produce by VHDL parsing I generate an AST for
the B langage and I use all my B tools.

 For do this, I can construct a treewalker with two importVocab clause, one for
VHDL and one for B. And I think that I can use B AST constructor for generate my
new B AST.

 When I ask the JAVA code generation from antlr, we have no probleme but when I
want compile this generated code we have many problem.

  Do you understand my problem ?
  Do you have a solution ?

  We can encasuplate my B language in a lib that provide some method for AST
generation but it is a big work. Do you have another solution ?

Laboratoire Heudiasyc. UMR CNRS 6599


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