[antlr-interest] Integration of antlr generated lexer-parser into a GUI app.

j_scandaliaris at yahoo.es j_scandaliaris at yahoo.es
Fri May 30 06:00:48 PDT 2003

	I am in the process of integrating a lexer-parser (c++ output) into
an MFC GUI application (visual c++ 6). I am still struggling with some other
problems which I think I will be able to solve on my own, but I realize now
that all my testing was done by creating console applications. 
	Anybody has integrated antlr parsers into gui apps before? My c++
expertise is almost non-existent (not to mention visual c++, which I just
use as a compiler to generate console apps), but I recall reading somewhere
that some problems might arise due to use of stderr, stdout, etc. I searched
the message archive but with no luck. I would appreciate if someone (not
necessarily one :) ) could share with me the problems / solutions (not
necessarily limited to the points mentioned above).
	Thanks in advance,



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