[antlr-interest] urgent problem with stack overflow, please help

netminka netminka at netscape.net
Thu Oct 9 16:12:52 PDT 2003

hi all,
I am writing a commercial grade translator. The source language
environment has tools which generate large initialization 
procedures, I have seen up to 1100 lines. This causes stack overflow.
We are using C# antlr. Stack overflow happens at about 600 lines.
This happens in the first stage of parsing, not the tree parser.

The other odd thing about this is that the large procedures 
consist of assignment statements, one per line. That's it.
No big expressions. The overflow is related strictly to the 
number of lines in a procedure, not the complexity of the 
expressions or anything else. The stack, as it is related to the
grammar definition, is not growing with the size of the procedure. 
I know the grammar rules are closing properly because I have run
a great deal of code through this translator and I am intimately
familiar with the parse traces. This makes me think that there
may be a basic clean-up problem happening here..? 

Can anyone out there who is using antlr java or C++ comment on 
stack overflow problems for large source.  Is there one 
implementation platform that is better, do they all have this
problem? Is this a .Net memory management problem? Comments
Megan Adams 


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