[antlr-interest] Re: urgent problem with stack overflow, please help

lgcraymer lgc at mail1.jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Oct 9 21:27:44 PDT 2003

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> hi all,
> I am writing a commercial grade translator. The source language
> environment has tools which generate large initialization 
> procedures, I have seen up to 1100 lines. This causes stack 
> We are using C# antlr. Stack overflow happens at about 600 lines.
> This happens in the first stage of parsing, not the tree parser.


Is there any chance that you have recursion in place of iteration?  
Say something like

    statement ( statements )?

If so, a succession of statements ("statements" calling "statements" 
calling ...) could blow the stack.  It should not (well, C$ is a 
Microsoft product) otherwise be possible to overflow the stack unless 
C# does unbounded dynamic allocation of stack space within routines.



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