[antlr-interest] Newbie: Simple Parser production error

Nico nico123 at adinet.com.uy
Sun Oct 26 15:58:37 PST 2003

hi all:

What happens if I have 2 rules starting with the same rule as follows:

ident: (LETTER)+; //(A..Z)+

      ident "#" ident

      ident ":"

We can factor to a new rule:

newRule: ident ("#" ident | ":" );

But If I have a rule that uses keyword (ruleUseKeyword), I have to modify it as

ruleUseKeyword: newRule "something";

Therefore, an invalid entry starting with "A#A" (previously identified as symbol)
will be identified by ruleUseKeyword. And only entries like A:A should be the ones..

What im doing wrong?


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