[antlr-interest] Re: python generator for ANTLR progressing a gain

Tiller, Michael (M.M.) mtiller at ford.com
Wed Oct 29 14:15:54 PST 2003


  Hans' email is hv at cs.mcgill.ca.  If you have trouble contacting him, let me know.


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> > Amol Dharmadhikari, a superhuman student at USF, has been 
> working on a 
> > Python generator for ANTLR, but has gotten stuck working at 
> his job and 
> > cannot finish it.  He says, "The current version is just the jython 
> > code generator i.e. to access it you will need some java 
> classes and so 
> > you need jython.  I also have also attached the jar of the entire 
> > project imported into eclipse that has the python code 
> generator files."
> > 
> > I'm posting this stuff in the file sharing section of antlr.org.
> Thanks!  That's where I found out about it.
> > Hans Vangheluwe has interest in moving this project forward 
> so if you 
> > want to work on this also, please coordinate with Hans.
> I'm also interested - how can I get in touch with Hans?  
> Alternatively, Hans, if you're 
> on the list, can you contact me?
> More generally, is there a "projects" page somewhere for 
> things like this with contact 
> details for the lead / maintainer?
> > I'm pretty sure Amol got a jython version working.  Can 
> anybody confirm?
> The generated Python code looks pretty good to me, but I 
> don't know Jython so I can't 
> confirm if it works out of the box.  I've started on 
> implementing the ANTLR runtime 
> classes in Python so generated code can be run by standard Python.
> It would be great to get this working - I don't know of a 
> really good parser 
> generator for Python.
> Michael.
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