[antlr-interest] how useful would a generic grammar "action" language be?

Dalibor Ruzic ruzicd at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 29 23:19:53 PST 2003


I'm developing concept that I call it foreign language
and which is basicly generic language.

In file options I add new option:


and in this file I declare used languages.

then when I want to use declared language I put:


where language is name of declared language.

After that you write code in that language and by
declared grammar class it is transformed in
(Java, C++, C#) language that is ready to be compiled
with rest of your gramar.

When language is finished simply put <$ at begin of

Big advantage of this concept is that it is extensible
because you can use any language if you create grammar
that transfoms it in language used in the rest of

If there is interest I can send modified Antlr 2.7.2
for integration with new language.

Dalibor Ruži&#263;

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