[antlr-interest] different behavoir ANTLRworks and ANTLR

Markus Kuhla bace.spam at gmx.net
Sat Jun 2 16:30:57 PDT 2007


I developed my grammar in ANTLRworks. Now I must compile this grammar from  a Java program. In both cases I get an error message:

error(211): C:/workspace/dev/wtp3/eclipse/webapps/Validator/grammars/grammar.g:71:27: [fatal] rule link_text has non-LL(*) decision due to recursive rule invocations reachable from alts 1,2.  Resolve by left-factoring or using syntactic predicates or using backtrack=true option. 

Strange now is that ANTLRworks generated the scanner and parser properly, but not on command-line or out of a Java program. Why is there a different behavior? I don't want to change the grammar, because it is possible the generate a parser (with ANTLRworks). Is there a further option that I have to set to ignore the error and proceed generation?

(For ANTLRworks I reserved 1GB heap space, how can I do this using the Tool class inside my Java program?)

Thanks for any ideas!!!
Best regards,
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