[antlr-interest] New C runtime dist

Jim Idle jimi at temporal-wave.com
Wed Jun 20 07:27:21 PDT 2007

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> From: Wincent Colaiuta [mailto:win at wincent.com]
> In your comments on bug 144 (<http://www.antlr.org:8888/browse/
> ANTLR-144>) you write:
> > Note that the built in stream handling is not handled in filtering
> > lexers (but perhps I ought to build it in there too).
> Just wanted to add my vote: yes, I definitely think you should handle
> this in filtering lexers as it is likely to surprise people that
> expect it to work...

Yep - it is because the filtering next token is produce in the codegen
template, which I forgot about until the last minute. You would only be
affected by this if you wanted to process include files or multiple
input streams in a filtering lexer, so nobody will have this issue yet

> Did you get a chance to look at my patch in the posted to the mailing
> list in the thread, "GCC lexer warnings C target" (<http://
> www.antlr.org/pipermail/antlr-interest/2007-June/021330.html>)?

That was fixed, as was everyone else's issues I believe. As I said I
can't guarantee that I tested all the combinations of everything to
death, but if each person that had an issue would be good enough to test
the ones they reported then we should be in good shape. I will issue any
further corrections tonight under the same release labeled tar.


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