[antlr-interest] Need Help - Not able to use Java1.5 grammar available on site with ANTLRv3

Amol Neurgaonkar amol.neurgaonkar at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 09:41:22 PDT 2007

Hi All,

Previously I had used ANTLR 2.7.5 on Java 1.5 grammar to generate the Lexer
and Parser classes in Java. However the Parser was not recognizing
Annotations feature from Java 1.5
Inorder to resolve that problem, I am trying to use ANTLRWorks / ANTLRv3
with the Java 1.5 grammar provided by Terence
*(http://www.antlr.org/grammar/1152141644268/Java.g)* which
contains the Annotations rules so that the new Parser will be able to parse
Annotations, however receiving error while generating the code.

The Grammar Check by ANTLRWorks shows successful, but the Generate Code
feature fails. The exception caught is shown below.

*[09:39:21] Java.g:1:16360: unexpected char: ' '
at org.antlr.tool.ANTLRLexer.nextToken(Unknown Source)
at antlr.TokenStreamRewriteEngine.nextToken(TokenStreamRewriteEngine.java
at antlr.TokenBuffer.fill(TokenBuffer.java:69)
at antlr.TokenBuffer.LA(TokenBuffer.java:80)
at antlr.LLkParser.LA(LLkParser.java:52)
at org.antlr.tool.ANTLRParser.actions(Unknown Source)
at org.antlr.tool.ANTLRParser.grammar(Unknown Source)
at org.antlr.tool.Grammar.setGrammarContent(Unknown Source)
at org.antlr.tool.Grammar.setGrammarContent(Unknown Source)
at org.antlr.works.grammar.EngineGrammar.createNewGrammar(Unknown Source)
at org.antlr.works.grammar.EngineGrammar.createCombinedGrammar(Unknown
at org.antlr.works.grammar.EngineGrammar.createGrammars(Unknown Source)
at org.antlr.works.grammar.EngineGrammar.analyze(Unknown Source)
at org.antlr.works.grammar.CheckGrammar.run(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

[09:39:21] error(100): C:\antlr3.0\Java.g:2:1: syntax error: antlr:
C:\antlr3.0\Java.g:2:1: unexpected token: null
[09:39:21] error(150):  grammar file C:\antlr3.0\Java.g has no rules

Please provide any info/help as to how I can fix this problem or if any
later version of Java 1.5 grammar tested on the ANTLR v3`s latest version is

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