[antlr-interest] C# TARGET ANNOUNCEMENTS

Micheal J open.zone at virgin.net
Thu Apr 10 17:45:58 PDT 2008


> Well, the latest changeset is 4759, but looking over the logs 
> in perforce I see that I didn't mention it there. I assumed 
> that once the wiki page is updated, people will know it in 
> general. Otherwise I don't see any file in the source 
> distribution, which mentions changes.

Thanks. The bug that required C# v2 to fix. I might have to backport that
specific fix. What was the fix for?

> > One can use any value type with the 'CSharp' target already AFAICT. 
> > Does the new 'CSharp2' target remove the need to update the 
> 'csharpTypeInitMap'
> > default value map in the templates for unspecified value types?
> Actually, I meant this, even if it didn't came correctly over.

How is this achieved?. Using any value type without needing a template
change I mean... 

The use of Nullables to solve (the obvious solution) doesn't require a new
target AFAICT. Just C# v2+.

> > Interesting. What problem/issue was solved by removing Token as the 
> > abstract base class for all the token types included with 
> ANTLR? Had 
> > quick look at the diffs and nothing jumped out.
> The simple reason is that Token as base class didn't add 
> anything beyond an extra step in the hierarchy. Nearly all 
> IToken properties were abstract and the one that wasn't was 
> overridden anyway. Also the Java target operates on the 
> interface itself, as does the rest of C#. Nothing but extra 
> complexity for no benefits.

YAGNI?. We can agree to differ about Token's utility. It's easy enough to
retain it locally here in any case.

> >> - No binaries for .Net 1.1 created yet. It is on my todo list.
> > 
> > If you have .NET v1.1 and .NET v2 installed on your box (or 
> in a VM), 
> > the Nant script takes care of building both:
> >    nant release -t:net-1.1 
> >    nant release -t:net-2.0
> Well, it could be that I'm using Linux and Nant 0.86 Beta, but I get:

Most likely is. We didn't have time to do Mono build testing for obvious

> I suppose it doesn't matter because I will switch to Prebuild 
> due to later reorgs in the code base. Then I can get easily 
> uptodate project files.

Prebuild has bugs in it's Nant build file generation and vs2005/vs2008
project file generation iirc. Related to resource files I think but can't
remember the specifics at the moment, sorry.


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