[antlr-interest] Howto #include other files while parsing?

John Woods jqwoods at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 20:19:58 PDT 2008

I'm creating a parser for a file format which has a #include statement 
much like the C preprocessor. The solution I'm thinking of would involve 
creating an InputStream subclass that reads from one file, then when the 
parser parses a #include statement, the parser tells the InputStream to 
switch to reading the #included file, and when that file is exhausted, 
the InputStream pops back to the previous file, continuing reading where 
it left off -- immediately after the #include statement.

Is there any guarantee that the lexer won't read past the #include 
statement when it is parsed? Because if it did read ahead, then the 
#included file would essentially be "inserted" at the wrong position in 
the InputStream.

Is there a better way to approach this problem?


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