[antlr-interest] [C Target] Multiple return parameters rule generation error.

Garry Iglesias garry.iglesias at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 10:05:26 PDT 2008


Sorry, I've already been reporting this... But it seems it's still there. So
I 'remind it' because it's important as a standard feature
of ANTLR (multiple returning parameters) that doesn't work for the C target.
I got a rule with return parameters :

myProblemRule returns [int i,int bIsRef]
   :  [...]

 myNoProblemRule returns [int i]
   :  [...]

When I use it :
    :  [...]  good=myNoProblemRule  bad=myProblemRule
             int ivar=$good.i;        -> This works...
             ivar=$bad.i;              -> This generates code that doesn't
             if ($bad.bIsRef)  {      -> This generates code that doesn't

Note "myBool" is just a typedef from an int...

So the fact is that ANTLR converts the 'if' into something like :
if (( result != NULL ? result.bIsRef : NULL )) {  [...]  }

Problem is that result is a local instantiated structure, and not a pointer
to a structure.

By the way, ANTLR is a very good tool.



PS/ Sorry if my english is wrong as I'm french native.
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