[antlr-interest] Issues Remote Debugging when using C Target and ASTs

Kurt Otte kurtotte at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 12:43:27 PDT 2008

I am new to antlr so maybe these are known issues, but I am running
into trouble trying to get AntlrWorks to remote debug a grammar which
is targeted at C and generates ASTs.  I have found several issues
which I wondered if anyone had some thoughts on how to resolve.

#1 - It appears that code generation with the C target and ASTs
enabled is broken if the debug option is set.
For example, with a simple example like this (foo.g)

    grammar foo;

      language = C;

    bar : 'A'..'Z' ;

I get the following error

    java org.antlr.Tool -debug foo.g

    ANTLR Parser Generator  Version 3.1b2 (July 17, 2008)  1989-2008

    Generating fooParser.c
    error(10):  internal error: foo.g :
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can't find template
parserCtorBody.st; group hierarchy is [C]

Debugging this a bit, I found that 'parserCtorBody() ::= <<   >>' is
missing from the file C.stg.  I am not sure if this is where it is
expected to be found it in the C code generation case, but I notice it
was defined there for java.  If I stub out this section in the C.stg
file with a blank section for parserCtorBody(), the error goes away
but I don't know enough about the code to propose a proper fix.

#2 – If I disable AST generation, I can get the grammar to generate
and compile in my C app.  This app will launch and hang waiting on the
debugger as it is supposed to.  Then when I try to connect the
debugger, it claims the source has changed.  An easy way to replicate
this error is to take the 'C' example in the examples-v3/C directory
and compile it with –debug enabled.  Then try to connect ANTLRWorks to
it.  When I do this, I get this error:  'Warning: the grammar used by
the remote parser is not the same (C.g")'.  Is this maybe a problem
with picking up an extra quote in the file name?  I have tried several
examples and so far I am unable to anything to remote connect.

#3 – I seems the default remote debug port in C is different than the
ANTLRWorks default.  It took me some digging through the code to find
it, but I guess C expects the port to be 4100
(antlr3debugeventlistener.h:  #define DEFAULT_DEBUGGER_PORT   0xBFCC)
and AltlrWorks expects it to be 49153
(http://www.antlr.org/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=4554898).  I
am not sure if makes since to line these up or update the docs, but I
thought I would pass it along for the next guy since it took some time
to track down.

Any thoughts on how to fix or work around these issues would be much



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