[antlr-interest] A throws clause on a grammar rule doesn't add a throws clause in the generated function

Johannes Luber jaluber at gmx.de
Wed Aug 13 03:04:19 PDT 2008

Ian Kaplan schrieb:
>   I installed ANTLR 3.1 today in the hope that it would have a fix for 
> this problem.  However, that's not the case.  This seems to be a simple 
> thing to fix.  The "throws" clause is supported by ANTLR, but it has not 
> done anything for some time.  I don't understand why this hasn't been 
> fixed.  Or, if it's not going to be fixed, why the "throws" is not just 
> removed from the ANTLR grammar grammar.
>   Ian

There are lots of things which Ter intends to support in ANTLR and are 
missing in 3.0. But he can't work on all at once, which results in 
prioritisation of the features. As only Java has a need for this throws 
clause (which is ironic as Ter is the maintainer of the Java target :), 
it isn't a pressing matter. But Ter could do bug triaging a bit 
different for 3.2 - namely also taking into account how long a bug is in 
JIRA already.


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