[antlr-interest] Lazy load of CommonTokenStream??

Raphael Reitzig r_reitzi at cs.uni-kl.de
Mon Aug 18 12:10:50 PDT 2008


> The semantics are that a stream is never "on" a specific element,  
> but rather "in between". Then LA(-1) is the just consumed element  
> and LA(1) is the next one to be looked at. With those semantics  
> LA(0) makes no sense, because it's not a valid element. An element  
> (char, token or node) is either consumed or not, so I think it makes  
> sense to specify it this way.

Uh. Is that standard behaviour of streams? I certainly prefer Turing  
machine semantics.
You could implement LA(0) := LA(-1), but this would create additional  
confusion for sure. ("Why does LA(-1) not yield the next token to the  



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