Classpublic class ParserRuleReturnScope
InheritanceParserRuleReturnScope Inheritance RuleReturnScope

Rules that return more than a single value must return an object containing all the values. Besides the properties defined in RuleLabelScope.predefinedRulePropertiesScope there may be user-defined return values. This class simply defines the minimum properties that are always defined and methods to access the others that might be available depending on output option such as template and tree. Note text is not an actual property of the return value, it is computed from start and stop using the input stream's toString() method. I could add a ctor to this so that we can pass in and store the input stream, but I'm not sure we want to do that. It would seem to be undefined to get the .text property anyway if the rule matches tokens from multiple input streams. I do not use getters for fields of objects that are used simply to group values such as this aggregate.

Public Properties
 PropertyDefined by
  start : Object
  stop : Object
  tree : Object
Has a value potentially if output=AST;
  values : Object
Property detail
start:Object  [read-write]Implementation
    public function get start():Object
    public function set start(value:Object):void
stop:Object  [read-write]Implementation
    public function get stop():Object
    public function set stop(value:Object):void
tree:Object  [read-write]

Has a value potentially if output=AST;

    public function get tree():Object
    public function set tree(value:Object):void
values:Object  [read-only]Implementation
    public function get values():Object