[antlr-interest] Antlr grammar to parse Java classfile?

Robert renyedi at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 02:49:19 PST 2001


First of all, I don't know about the existence of such a (n ANTLR) grammar.

I know pretty much the java .class file format. As it is straighforward, I
have built a package that reads and writes this file format.

Based on that experience, I think the main problem of building such a
grammar would be to apply a certain rule a specific number of times (for
instance you read the number of methods the class file holds and based on
this number, you iterate to read every method). This is the main
characteristic of the .class format (as well as of many binary file format).

I know that predicates are one of the features ANTLR has. I think this could
be the only salvation... However, if you manage to find an existing grammar,
please let me know.


PS.: You may find the exact description of the .class format in the Java
Virtual Machine Specification.

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Subject: [antlr-interest] Antlr grammar to parse Java classfile?

> Hi!
> 1st of all, I'd like to thank you for your great work. We use Antlr to
> the parser for Java reverse enginering in the ArgoUML project (
> http://www.argouml.org ), and it works great.
> Now, I'm interested in RE compiled Java code, and was looking for a Antlr
> grammar to parse Java classfiles. So far, I couldn't find anything in the
> resources section of the Antlr site and in my mailing list archive.
> Is such a grammar available? If not, is there a good reason, why one
> write such a grammar?
> TIA,
> Andreas
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