[antlr-interest] Re: ANTLR Runtime/SDK jar mixtures and sugge stions

mzukowski at bco.com mzukowski at bco.com
Wed Dec 5 14:54:08 PST 2001

> I have to keep the ability for somebody to specify a different error 
> handler.  can't i just figure out the dependencies (what's 
> the best tool 
> for that recently?) and move support routines around?  
> Perhaps it's too 
> complicated due to the inheritance trees...

A good refactoring program should do the trick.  The new one from IBM might
work--http://www.eclipse.org.  If you are an Emacs fan there is
http://xref-tech.com/speller/ which has a 1 month demo.  Or why not hit
Instantiations up for a demo of JFactor, seeing as they used antlr in
it...if you still have VisualAge around or have JBuilder.  Sorry I can't
comment on which works best since I haven't used any extensively.



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