[antlr-interest] Re: Antlr grammar to parse Java classfile?

John D. Mitchell johnm-antlr at non.net
Thu Dec 6 16:37:07 PST 2001

>>>>> "Terence" == Terence Parr <parrt at jguru.com> writes:
> Be careful about having side-effects in semantic predicates.  When John
> Mitchell eventually holds me at gunpoint to do sem pred hoisting, the
> predicate side-effects will break lots of stuff. ;)

:-)  Why bother with a gun?  I just have to figure out how to explain the
importance of hoisting to Shannon.  :-)

I think hoisting needs to be in the design of v3 and I have the suspicion
that v3 will be as radically different from v2 as v2 was to v1 so that
minor issue will be lost in the cacophony of screaming and hair-pulling.

Take care,


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