[antlr-interest] fixed static bitset init problem etc...

Terence Parr parrt at jguru.com
Sat Dec 15 14:27:08 PST 2001

Just an update on things.  Couple of nice changes I just made:

*** Made antlr.Tool.doEverything() return a code instead of 
System.exit.  made a wrapper
to do the exit for cmd-line tools.  Makes it much easier for ANT build 
tool to call ANTLR for those interested in doing so.

*** ["Bryan O'Sullivan" <bryan at bea.com> submitted fix] Used to generic 
lots of static arrays, but bugs in java impl restrict number/size of 
static arrays you can have.  Answer was to put array init into static 
methods and then return array.  Changed from:

         private static final long _tokenSet_0_data_[] = 
{ -2305803976550907904L, 383L, 0L, 0L };
         public static final BitSet _tokenSet_0 = new 


         private static final long[] mk_tokenSet_0() { long[] data = 
{ -2305803976550907904L, 383L, 0L, 0L }; return data; }
         public static final BitSet _tokenSet_0 = new 

Seems to slow things down a tiny bit at start up not sure if it's 
significant; -Xprof showed nothing bizarre.

My head is still fuzzy from being sick, but I'm starting to make a bit 
of progress on 2.7.2 :)

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