[antlr-interest] Beginner question: How do I access stuff from my parser?

Bogdan Mitu bogdan_mt at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 19 05:49:57 PST 2001

Hi Cosmin,

Check also http://www.jguru.com/forums/ANTLR. 

Merry Christmas,

--- Bunul si Iubitul Mos Craciun <mos-craciun at adicomsoft.ro> wrote:
> Hello Antlr folks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (first of all...)
> My name is Cosmin Prund, I'm from Romania and I'm trying hard to learn
> Antlr.
> It seemns to me that Antlr is a GRATE tool, much better then yacc and lex
> (from an superficial point-of-view: antlr generates "classes" and it's
> lexers scan from an stream, while lex/yacc generate a bunch of C-code, and
> lex-lexers read from stdin or a file). My attempt to use lex+yacc resulted
> in a bunch of scanners and an C-like preprocessor writen BY HAND!
> So this is my question: "How do I access stuff that was matched in my
> Lexer
> from my Parser?".
> Also this question seems quite simple (I hope it is!) it is just a small
> part of my problems. In fact, it could be easily be re-writen as: "What is
> the interface betwen Lexers (token-streams?) and Parsers?".
> I think this is the time to say I'm using Antlr with Visual C++.
> This is what I've done so far:
> 1) I read most of the "antlr manual". That is, I read everithing up to
> tree-parsers.
> 2) I searched the Web for documentations on ANTLR.
> 3) I read the examples.
> 4) I made a off-line copy of "www.antlr.org".
> 5) I made a off-line copy of
> "http://wwwhome.cs.utwente.nl/~klaren/antlr/support-docs".
> 6) I wrote small-simple-lexers and followd the generated code to see if I
> could guest what antlr is doing.
> But I ran into the following dead-end:
> I found out that MyLexer::NextToken() returns a reference to a token
> generated by something called "tokenFactory". Also I noticed a call to
> some
> function "setText" on that reference that was suposed to set the text into
> that token. So far-so god you might say... but the default tokenFactory
> generated TokenRef has a setText function that looks like this: "{}". That
> is, it doesn't set a thing! When I reached this end-point I sad to myself:
> Hey! I can change tokenFactory to return something that does remember
> text!
> So I moved on to code generated for my parser, and this is where I got
> stock
> again.
> Maby I tryed to hard to learn Antlr and I overlooked something obvious
> (again, I hope so!).
> Thank-you for your answer!
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