[antlr-interest] Merry Christmas

Chris Rudolph chris_rudolph at apple.com
Fri Dec 21 21:21:48 PST 2001

Hey there buddy,

Tammy, Cassidy and I were thinking of you and wanted to wish you the best
for the holiday season. Hope you are doing well and keep in touch.


PS. Here is our Xmas letter:

'Twas the week before Christmas with internet shopping.
Tammy and Chris had UPS hopping.
A thousand bulbs were planted by Tammy with care,
In hopes that Spring soon would be there.
Cassidy was settled and in love with preschool.
She thinks letters, numbers, and friends are real cool.

Chris is busy as an elf in his workshop,
A million things to do before he can stop.
With a pergola and a library to create,
Medicine cabinets and a kitchen table to make.
There is moulding to put up and to paint,
Thinking of it all makes him want to faint.

For help with the backyard there have many to praise.
Friends came for visits and were worked like slaves.
Then what to our wondering eyes should appear,
A beautiful backyard that makes our hearts give cheer.
With a large brick patio and borders filled with flowers,
³To front yard² yells Tammy ³Dark will be here in an hour!²

More rapid than Martha, the ideas they came.
Tammy¹s working from dawn, drove Chris insane.
³Now Chris! Now Cassidy! Now Oscar! Now Frodo!
Plant Roses! Plant Smokebushes! Plant grasses! Pronto!
Pile on the compost and don¹t be slow.
We have to get this done before the first snow!²

But as Autumn leaves began to fall
Tammy decided she wasn¹t done at all.
Away to the Hamptons, Tammy she flew.
She plotted and planted and redid their yard too.
Chris also was busy, he is not one to slack.
He took up scuba, and achieved in Karate, a belt that is black.

We were out of breath and needed some rest.
We bought a little trailer we think is the best.
It is shaped like an egg and is seventeen feet.
It has a microwave, a shower, and central air for heat.

Cassidy, wow over the year she grew.
She is taking ballet, tap, and tumbling too.
She finally sleeps and lets us rest,
For that alone we think she is the best.

Her eyes full of mischief, her laughter so fun!
She¹s cheeky and silly all rolled into one.
She speaks loads of words and never stops talking.
We hope Santa leaves a volume control in our stocking.

At Nana and Papa¹s the family will meet.
Tammy will be baking many wonderful treats.
With Auntie Kelly, Uncle Ted and Cousin Sean there as well.
This Christmas is sure to be swell.

But we must say goodbye from our home to yours,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all our amour.

Chris Rudolph, AppleWorks Engineering
chris_rudolph at apple.com


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