[antlr-interest] Calc example LPAREN/RPAREN

kemmerzehl malitrait at start.com.au
Mon Dec 24 08:03:53 PST 2001

  This is my first exposure to parsing etc. so please excuse my 
ignorance. As an excersize in trying and figure this stuff out i set 
myself the task of modifying the calc example to support input such 
as "(5+4)*3;" but i cannot figure out what im supposed to do. I know 
you guys probably hate these messages but im having trouble getting 
my head around this and i havent been able to find "The Complete 
Idiots Guide to ANTLR" or "ANTLR for Dummies" anywhere. Any help 
would be greatly appreciated.
  I've also noticed that you have the lexer creating the tokens 
LPAREN and RPAREN yet these tokens are not being referenced by the 
parser, and the example doesn't accept them as valid input - if they 
are not being used why are the there?



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