[antlr-interest] bugs fixed today

Terence Parr parrt at jguru.com
Mon Dec 24 15:58:57 PST 2001

More status...I'm closing in on my final bugs to fix for this 
release. :)  Woohoo!


*** bug fix.  The lexer generator puts this assignment _after_ inserting
everything into the literals table: caseSensitiveLiterals = false;
Of course it needs to be before since ANTLRHashString depends on
it to calculate the hashCode.  Not sure when this got fixed actually. 

*** Code gen bug fix: "if true {" could be generated sometimes in
the Lexer.  I put (...) around an isolated true if it's generated
from JavaCodeGenerator.getLookaheadTestExpression.

*** ANTLR used to generate a crappy error message:

warning: found optional path in nextToken()

when a public lexer rule could be optional such as

B : ('b')? ;

I now say:

warning: public lexical rule B is optional (can match "nothing")

*** For unexpected and no viable alt exceptions, no file/line/column 
info was generated.
The exception was wrapped in a TokenStreamRecognitionException that did 
not delegate error message
handling (toString()) to the wrapped exception.
I added a TokenStreamRecognitionException.toString() method so that you 
now see things like

<stdin>:1:1: unexpected char: '_'

instead of

antlr.TokenStreamRecognitionException: unexpected char: '_'

*** For large numbers of alternatives (>126) combined with syntactic 
predicates, there was a problem
whereby the syn pred testing code was not there.  2.7.1 introduced this 
problem. 2.7.2 has it right again.

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