[antlr-interest] Re: ANTLR 2.7.2a1 alpha/test release out!

Michael Schmitt Michael.Schmitt at teststep.org
Sun Dec 30 12:56:59 PST 2001

Hi Terence, hi Ric,

after a second glance I can tell you that my SDL-2000 parser (C++ 
version) compiles and runs with 2.7.2a1! (Except for the problem with 
"-pendantic" and "-ansi" reported before, and the need to change a few 
lines concerning AST factory).

Ric, didn't you say you improved code generation? For my parser, source 
code size has not changed significantly.

Another simple yet controversial proposal for improving ANTLR:  I think 
a lot of newbie problems could be avoided if ":" did not have multiple 
functions in the ANTLR input language. How about replacing ":" after 
rule headers by "::=" or something similar? Then the language would be 
more sensitive to missing ";" at the end of a rule.

Nevertheless, 2.7.2 looks good!



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