[antlr-interest] Re: ANTLR 2.7.2a1 alpha/test release out!

Terence Parr parrt at jguru.com
Mon Dec 31 11:38:01 PST 2001

On Sunday, December 30, 2001, at 12:56  PM, Michael Schmitt wrote:

> Hi Terence, hi Ric,
> after a second glance I can tell you that my SDL-2000 parser (C++
> version) compiles and runs with 2.7.2a1! (Except for the problem with
> "-pendantic" and "-ansi" reported before, and the need to change a few
> lines concerning AST factory).
> Ric, didn't you say you improved code generation? For my parser, source
> code size has not changed significantly.
> Another simple yet controversial proposal for improving ANTLR:  I think
> a lot of newbie problems could be avoided if ":" did not have multiple
> functions in the ANTLR input language. How about replacing ":" after
> rule headers by "::=" or something similar? Then the language would be
> more sensitive to missing ";" at the end of a rule.

A good suggestion; perhaps it can be done in a sensible 
backward-compatible fashion.

> Nevertheless, 2.7.2 looks good!

Great.  Keep the testing going folks!

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