[antlr-interest] token stream resynching in custom exception handlers?

Dennis Marsa drm at xilinx.com
Fri Nov 2 08:10:15 PST 2001

> Ernest Pasour wrote:
> There is a way to do this in the current development build.  At least in C++, but I think Ric ported it to Java as well (Ric?).
> Try "consumeUntil($lookaheadSet);", where "$lookaheadSet" is a special string that antlr looks for.

Precisely the kind of thing I was hoping for.  I am using C++.

Looking back in old antlr-interest mails, I see you submitted a patch
for this.  Do you still have that patch?  I didn't see a mail with it.

I am not in a position to upgrade to the latest development version.




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