[antlr-interest] Bug in t.g from "Parsing Simple Data"

Terence Parr parrt at jguru.com
Fri Nov 2 10:12:27 PST 2001

On Friday, November 2, 2001, at 04:50  AM, bkuehl at web.de wrote:

> The whitespace token isn't correct for MacOS or MacOSX. A
> single \r needs to be added.

Sorry about that...I was waiting for NeXT to take over Apple and replace 
the silly \r with \n as gawd intended ;)  Whew ....just in time. ;)

Sorry for the hassle.  \n should work on NeXTStep...er....OS X.  I'm 
using it right this very second!  Wohooo!

OS X is great btw folks (mach kernel+BSD with a great gui).  Linux done 
right minus the free part though much of it is open source :)  For 
example, I've been trying to remap the capslock to be ctrl as gawd 
intended using the source from Apple.  I've not succeeded by the way. :(

Time to stock up on memory btw folks: I just bought 1G for $139 :)  
"top" reports 673M free at the moment on my box and i have everything 
under the sun loaded in plus a 128M file in vi :)  "And nary a swap was 
heard by all..."

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