[antlr-interest] ANNOUNCE: new devel snapshot

Ric Klaren klaren at cs.utwente.nl
Thu Nov 15 05:43:14 PST 2001


I just finished packaging a new development snapshot. Get it at:


C++ support library docs are at:


- New configure script at toplevel. (probably needs some tweaking)
- New makefile setup. make install now works.
- Wrapper shellscripts 'antlr' and 'antlr-config' (probably need some
- Some stuff rearranged for better inlining.
- Fixes for Metrowerks codewarrior (courtesy of Ruslan)
- Added warnings for labeled subrules. (and probably some more)
- $lookaheadSet renamed to $FOLLOW (and ported to sather codegen, hope that
  it works there)
- Ditched LA_k optimizations from C++ codegen. The minor issue I expected
  on release turned out to be somewhat less minor. Didn't want to bother with
  it since it was kindoff a hack anyway. We'll probably do this completely 
  different in a new release.
- Checked over all C++ examples. Added makefiles for the lot of the them.

For as far as I'm concerned this can be integrated in the mainline and we
can start preparing for 2.7.2a1 release.


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