[antlr-interest] cplusplus.g

jg z zjg1964 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 07:59:24 PST 2001

Hi, folks,
    I am updating a cplusplus.g file from PCCTS1.33 to
 ANTLR-2.7.1. The language is C++. When I use the
 updated cplusplus.g to generate the .cpp files, there
 are two errors appearing.
     The first error is:"rule classDef trapped:
 cplusplus.g:441: unexpected token: scope_override".
    The line 441 is,"( scope_override returns [s]
 conversion_function_decl_or_def )
           =>scope_override returns [s]
 conversion_function_decl_or_def ". It was converted
 from "( scope_override > [s]
 conversion_function_decl_or_def )?" in PCCTS1.33.
    And when I delete "returns [s]" from the sentence,
 the error would disappear. But I don't know if
 "returns [s]" is unnecessary for the file.
    The next error is, "TokenStreamException:
 '(', found 'p'". No line number is shown.
     I hope someone could please help me to tackle the
 two problems.
      Thank you in advance.
      Zuo   21/Nov

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