(somewhat off topic) (was Re: [antlr-interest] Re: lexical nondeterminism)

bob mcwhirter bob at werken.com
Wed Nov 21 13:02:37 PST 2001

> Another nice solution! 
> I'm working on an XQuery grammar, but the snippet causing problems is 
> from the Namespaces specification and could easily show up as part of 
> almost any XML-related grammar I'd think. What's yours (if you don't 
> mind saying)?

Somewhat off-topic, but...

If y'all are working with XPath (which is included in XQuery, right?) with
Java, you might be interested in SAXPath (http://saxpath.org/), or its
sister project, Jaxen (http://jaxen.org/).  SAXPath includes a parser
for XPath expressions, with event call-backs similar to SAX.

SAXPath is *not* based on Antlr (sorry Ter, I needed something smaller,
plus antlr.jar had conflicts with WebLogic, due to their misimplementation
of the classloader aspects of the Servlet specification.).

Also, if you're building XQuery in Java, Jaxen itself might also give you
a head start, and allow an object-model-independent implementation, making
the work available to users of JDOM, DOM, dom4j, and EXML all at once.



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