[antlr-interest] Grammar for TCL & TCL/TK

Tiller, Michael (M.M.) mtiller at ford.com
Thu Nov 29 06:00:46 PST 2001

There isn't really a grammar for Tcl since it is so simple (there is only one kind of statement and it has the form "command arg1 arg2 ... argn").  What is tricky for Tcl is all the expansion that gets done in getting to this form (variable expansion, command substitution, etc.).

I have seen this question asked many times and the answers I have always seen are to avoid developing your own grammar and instead use the Tcl C API which includes functions for parsing Tcl already.  Since Tcl runs virtually everywhere there really aren't any portability issues.

Here are the results from a Deja search on this subject.  These might be useful to you...






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> Where a can find it?
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