[antlr-interest] C++ version, == nullAST

Ruslan Zasukhin sunshine at public.kherson.ua
Wed Oct 3 23:46:41 PDT 2001

on 10/4/01 1:24, Ken Lidster at ken at synergex.com wrote:

> Ruslan,
> I haven't worked with this code for a couple of years, but I believe this
> relates to the reference counting. First, I seem to recall that in this
> particular smart pointer implementation the only way to 'release' an
> associated address (actually, a private, encapsulating, reference counted,
> pointer object) was by either assigning another smart pointer to it, or via
> destruction when the smart pointer object goes out of scope. Thus, equating
> the empty nullAST object was an explicit release of the associated pointer.
> Second, I believe the default extractor for the base reference class
> (template RefCount<T> I think) was the address of the encapsulated pointer
> object, or zero if there was nothing. Since there wasn't an explicit
> clearing method and, as you noted, all of the releases were accomplished via
> an equate to nullAST, the 'someAST == nullAST' had to be used to determine
> if someAST was "empty".
> I remember thinking back then that I would have preferred (as I mentioned
> above) something like an explicit clear() or empty() method. The operation
> 'someAST.clear()' seems more intuitive to me than 'someAST = nullAST'. This
> would also have allowed 'someAST == 0', or even '!someAST' to be true when
> the smart pointer was empty. But, what we had worked and there were
> deadlines to be met. You know how that goes, I'm sure.

Okay, Ken I see.

But again with my implementation of Ref count pointers via classes
Sharable and SharablePtr<T> there is no above problems at all.

I can assign and test usual NULL with no problems in my code.
So if Ric accept my class he will be able remove nullAST at all.

Best regards,
Ruslan Zasukhin


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