[antlr-interest] static casts in heterogeneous AST parser

John Lambert johnl at jbase.com
Mon Oct 8 13:11:57 PDT 2001

The code is generated by the ANTLR compiler and works on all other
If I try (on Windows) to use any other type of cast it objects.



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on 10/8/01 19:06, John Lambert at johnl at jbase.com wrote:

> I have problems compiling a parser using heterogeneous ASTs on HPUX.
> It is objecting to all  static_cast operations between ASTRefcount<AST>
> ASTRefcount< derivedAST>
> HP support claim they are correct and that it should be a
reinterpret_cast. I
> disagree, this works fine on lots of other platforms and  a quick test of
> reinterpret_cast on other platforms produces compilation errors.
> Has anyone else encountered this ?

If I am not mistake (and I think I am not) rule is next:
    if a class has at least one virtual function
    then e must use dynamic_cast<>, otherwise static_cast<>

This is annoying frankly saying...
Let I have class A with no virtual functions and use it in a lots of places.
Later if I will need virtual function in this class, all static_cast for it
must be replaced on dynamic_cast<>.

Compiler do not allow us to have only one type_cast<> for all cases. :-(

> Thanks,
> John Lambert
> Here's a sample:
> Error 746: "AcorrParser.cpp", line 41 #
> Cannot use static_cast to convert class ASTRefCount<antlr::AST> to class
> ASTRefCount<ConvAST>.
> returnAST =
> static_cast<RefConvAST>(ANTLR_USE_NAMESPACE(antlr)nullAST);

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