[antlr-interest] Thank You Very Much and Re: test

chris.kuip at paragon.nl chris.kuip at paragon.nl
Mon Oct 22 23:48:25 PDT 2001

Dear Dr Parr,

I was wondering too what is happening to this group.
So here is some additional traffic.

I have downloaded ANTLR and I am using it right now.  
I think you have done a wonderfull job by creating it

I used to be a YACC addict (not LEX!) but by learning
ANTLR I am quickly drying out of that habit.

I am gratefull that you have made it publicly available.  
It is public (provided that an ANTLR user acknowledges
he/she has used the ANTLR software in his/her 
documentation), isn't it?

I have two additional questions:
- It has been a year since ANTLR 2.7.1, the currently 
  available version, has been published.  Is there a 
  new version coming up?
- From the ANTLR web site you have made two initial
  chapters of your new book available.  How is the work
  on that book going?

Best Regards,

Chris Kuip

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> heh, no traffic for 5 days...testing.
> Ter
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