[antlr-interest] ANNOUNCE new devel snapshot

Ric Klaren klaren at cs.utwente.nl
Thu Oct 25 08:41:08 PDT 2001


Just felt it was time for a snapshot. Get it at:



- Automake got ditched (configure too for now)
  C++/java configuration in Config.make file, try running make a toplevel.
- Makefiles for examples
- Doc updates (see http://wwwhome.cs.utwente.nl/~klaren/antlr/support-docs/index.html)
  (and also the normal docs here and there)
- deprecated set/getASTNodeFactory methods in favour of set/getASTFactory
  (for consistency) (old ones still there no worries)
- Here and there rearranged stuff for inlining. (Still have to do a lot
- Fixed some mishap with CommonASTWithHiddenTokens seemed it triggered a gcc
  bug (2.95/3.0) where vtable didn't get instantiated.
- Updated some error messages from antlr
- The LA_k optimizations suggested by Ruslan (still one minor issue with 
- Removed down and right initializers from BaseAST copy constructor, they
  wreak havoc in relation to dupTree.
- CharScanner moved lot of small methods back to header, lessened
  circular dependency with MismatchedCharException.
- (JAVA) Added ASTPair construction optimization suggested by Sander Mägi.
- Added a warning for usage of labeled subrules. (these are unimplemented)
- Added missing initializer for factory in TreeParser constructor.
- Added the possiblity to escape # characters. Added more preprocessor stuff
  to be skipped. Changed error for ## into a warning.
- Some heterogeneous AST fixes. Heterogeneous ast example works once more
- Added warning for tokens defined outside the tokens section. Thanks to
  Michael Schmitt for the pointer. People will probably hate me for this =)
- Optimize number of AST declarations generated code should be much tighter now
- added patch to allow reset of lexer object
- use buffered IO...gets 2x performance boost reading grammars.
- Updated a lot of #include "antlr/xx" to #include <antlr/xx>. Also
  updated some copyrights.
- Small MSVC fixes updates. (thanks to Jean-Daniel Fekete)
- Fixed some oopses. 
- #if-0-ed the deprecated getErrorMessage method. 
- Also preprocess preheader actions and preambles for treegeneration code.
- Robustified action.g - if currentRule = 0 a fitting error message is
- Print timestamp and build number in the copyright headers.

There's still a lot of patches and stuff on the shelves. Don't worry if
it's not inhere yet.

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