[antlr-interest] nested return statements

genericised trigonometric at softhome.net
Thu Aug 15 06:44:08 PDT 2002

I am trying to get some rules in a parser to
return strings to each other in a heirarchy,
this is what I have so far:

file returns [String s] 
{s=""; String lineData="";}

       : {s+="<table align=\"center\" border=\"1\">\n";}

protected line returns [String rec] {rec="";String s="";}

       : {s+="  <tr>\n";}
          rec:((record)+) NEWLINE
           s+=rec+"  <tr/>\n";
protected record returns [String s] {s="";}

       : {s+="    <td>";} (r:RECORD) (COMMA)? {

This does not work, and I know why it does not work
but I do not know how to get it to work...yet.

I can get it to work if I edit the generated parsers so that
they are like:

if ((LA(1)==RECORD)) {

so that the string lineData is assigned the value returned by
the line rule, how does one do this in ANTLR, is it possible?
(without modifying the generated parsers).


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