[antlr-interest] Again Infinite recursion on SQL table_ref <-> join_table

Ruslan Zasukhin sunshine at public.kherson.ua
Fri Aug 30 03:55:59 PDT 2002

Hi Terrence,
Hi Sinan,
Hi Alan,
Hi All,

Before ask on list I have search list archive, and found that with the same
problem have meet before Sinan and Alan. I have not found solution on list,
so I CC to you guys, may be you already have resolve this problem in your
SQL grammar?

For all, I will show here where problem happens.
In Standard SQL 92 we have the next rules. I have simplify them to extract
only important part here:

    :    table_reference "join" table_reference

    :    table_name             // IDENT
    |    subquery               // '(' query ')'
    |    joined_table

This 2 rules give this error: infinite recursion.

Anybody know how this can be resolved ?

Terrence, if you have time, please look on this.
I promise that I will submit my resulted 92 SQL grammar to your for your
collection. It is much fuller than current SQL.g or OracleSql.g

Best regards,
Ruslan Zasukhin      [ I feel the need...the need for speed ]
e-mail: ruslan at paradigmasoft.com
web: http://www.paradigmasoft.com

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