[antlr-interest] Re: 2.7.2a4 ANTLR/C# - build ok, panic shutdown

slightlynew gackle at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 4 15:08:37 PST 2002

Hi Micheal & Richard,

Overriding panic() is certainly a workaround, and indeed was the 
first thing I did after discovering the problem.  However, I don't 
really see that as the point.  The important thing is whether a 
library should handle fatal errors by shutting down the calling 
application without warning!

A further problem with overriding panic() is that while you can do 
this for lexers, you cannot do it for parsers or tree parsers, where 
it is a static method.

By the way, Micheal, just for curiosity I also built the C# codegen 
with Antlr 2.7.2a6.  I was able to do so quite easily, and my unit 
tests all passed without modification (unlike the upgrade from 
2.7.2a2 to 2.7.2a4).  In fact, the discrepancies between the C# and 
the main Antlr branch are now quite few, which bodes well for merging 
the two streams.

What I wasn't able to get working in Antlr 2.7.2a6 was that third 
parameter that Terence added to the AST constructor syntax: #
[FOO, "Foo", "FooNode"] (or something like that!)  I couldn't get 
that to work either with Java or C# (having ported Terence's changes 
to the C# action.g).  Antlr rejects the third parameter with a syntax 
error saying "unexpected ','".  Is there something else one needs to 
do, to get Antlr to use the new action.g?



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