[antlr-interest] Changes in ASTFactory breaks custom AST classes

Terence Parr parrt at jguru.com
Mon Dec 9 12:14:26 PST 2002

On Monday, December 9, 2002, at 02:16  AM, Ric Klaren wrote:
>> The problem (at least for me) lies in the fact that the duplicated
>> node gets only initialized with the type and text! All other
>> information stored in the original node is lost. I now simply
>> override dup(AST) too, changing it back to the old behavior (I only
>> use homogenous trees) but I'd rather expect dup(AST) to initialize the
>> duplicated node via dup_t.initialize(t) or am I missing something 
>> here?
> Hmmm I really think that should not be an initialize in there. A (near)
> complete copy of the object should be made (in C++ mode I use a clone
> method for it that goes through the copy constructor. Dunno if the java
> clone does the same thing) The semantics of the clone in C++ are to 
> copy
> the object except for the down/right links.

The only problem is that in java, clone will dup the thing bit-by-bit 
and then I'll have to wack the pointers to null and also it won't go 
thru the create() method of the factory.  Gotta be consistent I'd say.  
Make sense?

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