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umailnikhil umailnikhil at yahoo.co.in
Fri Feb 8 05:17:07 PST 2002

i am very novice in antlr stuff .

my objective was to scan a file .java and transform it into 
another .java 

in doing so i wanted to insert some statements into each control loop 
like if ,else if ,switch etc ..

i was using the java.g as given under the down load at antlr.org ...

my solution was to take another string buffer and add all the tokens 
found and all the charac=ters not taken into token ....

how do i get then i was trying to use the tokens getText() method but 
it aint working ...

any inputs ...

to put in short ..
1. how do i get a tokenised text
2. how do i get the untokenised text ..

anyother approach will all be helpful

thanks in advance


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