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> > > Sounds like you need to tweak your scanner so that when it creates
> > > Tokens it fills in the line info properly.
> > 
> > Actually, I am doing that. I instantiate a CommonToken and call
> > setLine on it. I have used CommonToken::getLine inside the scanner to
> > confirm that the value in the Token is correct. This value doesn't
> > appear to have any effect on the line number returned in parser error
> > messages.
> Then something is wrong with the reportError() method either in your
> or inherited by it.
> > > If you use an ANTLR scanner then you simply need to call newline()
> > > whenever you want to increment the line count.
> > 
> > Meaning I could derive from CharScanner and just override nextToken as
> > I do now, but call newline instead of (in addition to?) setting
> > this information directly on the Token?
> No, that won't behave any differently.  I had assumed that the Token's
> getLine() wasn't working properly, which should be how the parser
gets it's
> line number to report.  But if you are doing that part right then
maybe it's
> a bug in the code generator or base classes.  Fire up a debugger and
> out.

Silly me. I just needed to be using the constructor of
SemanticException that takes a line number.



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