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Mon Feb 25 06:14:53 PST 2002

Hi, Avkash,
    I think I can reply your first two questions.
    You can't use the same PCCTS grammar with ANTLR
2.6 or above. There are two main differences between
   First, ANTLR is run in JAVA environment and can
generate source code either in C++ or in JAVA.
   Second, the procedures to generate the lexer are
different. With PCCTS, the first step is to generate a
.dlg file, then use DLG to generate the final source
code for lexer. But with ANTLR, you can directly
generate source code for lexer simply in one step,
don't need DLG any more. So the grammar for lexer is
totally different. You have to rewrite the lexer part
in your old grammar to replace the old part.
   Additionally, the parser part in the grammar also
has some differences which you can find on the 

--- Avkash Chauhan <avkash_chauhan at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have a custom language grammer specially written
> for PCCTS 1.33 MR19.
> during sometime 2000 and we also have about 10,000
> pages written based on
> that language.
> I just upgraded older language with a totally new
> one. Now i need to write a
> converter to change the previous language pages to
> new one. My key questions
> are as below:
> - Can i use same PCCTS grammer with ANTLR 2.6.x or
> above.
> - Do i need to change my old grammer with new one.
> - How ANTLR can help me to write language converter
> from one to aonther.
> - Is there any other metod to perform this work.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated...
> Thanks in advance.
> -Avkash
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