[antlr-interest] PCCTS grammer to ANTLR grammer....

mzukowski at bco.com mzukowski at bco.com
Mon Feb 25 06:52:17 PST 2002

> - Can i use same PCCTS grammer with ANTLR 2.6.x or above.

No, they are not compatible.

> - Do i need to change my old grammer with new one.

One option for you would be to continute using PCCTS and update your old
grammar to the new

> - How ANTLR can help me to write language converter from one 
> to aonther.

Basically you build trees and then modify the trees in however many passes
you need, then "unparse" the trees out to source code.

> - Is there any other metod to perform this work.

You've got a big headstart if you already have a PCCTS grammar.  Sounds like
the main choice for you is whether to stay with PCCTS or jump to antlr 2.6
or above.  Note that the newsgroup comp.compilers.tools.pccts is still
active and Tom Moog is still maintaining PCCTS.

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