[antlr-interest] Using ANTLR generated Parser and Lexer for an interactive shell

rradh rradh at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 13:07:11 PST 2002


I have the following procedure:

1. The shell lexer takes a line of text returned by 'readline()' and
generates tokens.
2. The shell parser takes the tokens generated by the lexer and
performs the actions. 

   for ( ; shellExit == false; )
      line = readline(prompt);
      if (!line)

      istrstream inputLine(line);
      ShellLexer inputLineLexer( inputLine  );
      ShellParser inputLineParser(inputLineLexer);


I know this sounds lousy, but the only working solution I have. A
script file that contains commands understood by the shell can be

A single shell parser and lexer is what I am shooting for as the
parser is decoupled from the input stream by lexer and i want the
lexer to just read consecutive input lines of text. The problem I am
having with that is that only the first command gets understood and I
can't flush the previous input stream to the lexer.

Any suggestions?


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