[antlr-interest] Re: Bad Feature in 2.7.1: System.exit()

gidadoifiok gidadoifiok at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 17 11:17:33 PST 2002

--- In antlr-interest at y..., "Stdiobe" <stdiobe at e...> wrote:
> but looking at
> the task implementation I think you could just add below code to 
> the class org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.optional.ANTLR
> to solve your problem (have not tested this, so no guartantee; copied
> the code from 'java' task implementation):
>     /**
>      * Set the classpath to be used
>      */
>     public void setClasspath(Path s) {
>         createClasspath().append(s);
>     }
>     /**
>      * Creates a nested classpath element
>      */
>     public Path createClasspath() {
>         return commandline.createClasspath(project).createPath();
>     }
> Now it should be possible to do something like:
>     <antlr ..... classpath="mypath"/>
> Stdiobe

Your fix looks good, I just don't have anyway to go onto all
the other developers machines to set their classpaths.  I could
have them all update their ANT distros (with my patch), but
that's a lot of work for me...I'll just wait til we upgrade
to ANT1.5.  For now the following works fine in my build.xml:

<target name="antlr" depends="init">
   <java classname="antlr.Tool"
       <arg line="-o ${transform.destination}"/>
       <arg line="${transform.grammar}"/>

- Gidado


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