[antlr-interest] Is C# supported for parser generation yet pl s?

Smith, Eric V. ericsmith at windsor.com
Sat Jan 19 12:32:00 PST 2002

I started one over a year ago, coding against 2.7.1a4.  I had most of the
samples working.  I got discouraged because of the changing nature of the
.Net runtime, which should be addressed now that it's RTM.  I was also
discouraged because it's difficult to track changes being made to antlr,
specifically the java code generator.

I'm going to pick this up again, eventually.  I was going to wait for 2.7.2
to stabilize, and then try it again from scratch.  Actually I'll probably
wait for bug fixes against 2.7.2, since tracking changes is so time

If you want to grab what I had, I think most of it is at

I'd also like to start a discussion on making this process easier.  Maybe
something along the lines of the .Net CodeDOM model for language independent
code generation.


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Hi All,

Does ANTLR support the creation of parsers in C#?

If not, can someone pls outline the steps I need to take in order to 
add C# output to ANTLR?
- I am familiar with C# and Java but not with ANTLR. So as long as I 
am pointed in the right direction (and all the right directions pls), 
I'll be OK.
- If I get helpful pointers in time, I'll get cranking with the hope 
that C# support will be added before 2.7.2 reaches final status.
- On that note, is there a grammar for ANTLR that has extensive 
compliance tests that I can use to test the generated grammar-parser?




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