[antlr-interest] Re: Tokens and context

lgcraymer lgc at mail1.jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Jul 15 17:17:37 PDT 2002

One minor addendum to Monty's comments:  also look at the 
"qualifiedID" rule in antlr.g.

The one problem with the "qualifiedID" type of solution is that it 
ignores whitespace (a.b.c.d and a . b.c.d are not the same).  For your 
problem, you may prefer to have a "STAR_IDENTIFIER" in addition to 
STAR and IDENTIFIER:  "*" followed by whitespace is a "STAR", while 
"*"(<identifier>)? or <identifier>("*"(<identifier2>)?)+ is a 
STAR_IDENTIFIER.  ANTLR lexers can make the distinction, and probably 
only two lexer rules are affected.



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